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We're Deea & Flo.
Documentary Wedding Photographers.

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Brasov, RO. Available Worldwide.

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We’re Deea & Flo, photographers, adventurers and parents for the greatest little girl in the world, Leah. We are so grateful for our work and for all the amazing people we meet thanks to it. We’re based in Transylvania, one of the most beautiful regions in Romania, and we’re happy to travel anywhere for weddings and portrait photography.

Our style has a documentary approach, it’s about using light and composition to capture the people you love, and the little things you worked so hard to create. It’s the smiles. The emotions.
It’s the way things feel. We notice the nuances, like the nervous wringing of hands, or a final deep breath before walking down the aisle.

It’s telling your story through our eyes.


Random things about us. We love…

• Spending time with our baby girl.
• Eating icecream. A lot.
• Playing games.
• Traveling and finding new places.
• Bonfire nights.
• Drama / romance movies and books.
• Listening to music. We own every Coldplay album.
• Laughing until our bellies hurt. Deea has the most contagious laughter. 😀

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